The Conflict

Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson

Nowadays football become one of favorite sport in the world. The development of football club good or bad, play beautifully or not depends on the coach. Don’t forget not only team but also behind the rock star player in the team, there is a good coach. There are many good coach with good track record which lead their team became a champion in their age. In this era I can mention Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Jupp Heynckes, Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger and many more.

Today I will discuss conflict between two great coach ( in my glasses). There is Sir Alex Ferguson with Jose Mourinho. And here I come..

Sir Alex Ferguson started his career in 1977 in St.Mirren Club, Scotland. After success in Scotland he moved to England to lead Manchester United ( 1986 – 2013). With Manchester United he found his glory era and with Manchester United he collected 26 trophies.

In the other hand Jose Mourinho started his career as a coach in Benfica, Portugal in 2000. His name became famous when he lead FC Porto, second club since he started his career, became a champions in Champion League (2004). After success with FC Porto ( 6 trophies) he moved to Chelsea FC (2005-2007), success  collected 5 trophies in England and then he flied to Italy big club, Internazionale FC ( 2008 – 2010) after got treble winner and one other trophy with Internazionale he resigned and he moved to Real Madrid ( 2011 – 2012) with this Spanyol team he collected 2 trophies. In the early 2013 he moved to his old team, Chelsea FC ,to continue his career.

Now I will discuss about this two coach with great track record that they had written in their life career. Conflict between Jose Mourinho with Sir Alex Ferguson started when they met in Premiere League. Their team Chelsea FC and Manchester United kicked each other in order to get the top of the table. The conflict bigger when both of them gave psywar to each other. They tried to attack each other mentally. Not only in Chelsea but also in Internazionale and Real Madrid. With others two teams Mourinho not fought to win English Premiere League but he faced Ferguson in Europa Champion League. In data, from 16 clashes Mourinho lead 7 wins and 2 losses. Slow but sure, little by little appeared some groups support Mourinho and some groups support Ferguson. Began from conflict personal became a group’s conflict. But in deep of their heart Mourinho respect Ferguson and so do Ferguson respect Mourinho. Their conflict must be end when this year Ferguson retired from Manchester United and also retired from football’s life.



SWOT in PT.Garuda Indonesia Airlines

After I choose the company that I like in the last post , now I will explain the company more detail but still in my glasses. Today I will discuss SWOT( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) on PT.Garuda Indonesia.


PT.Garuda Indonesia is one of the biggest airlines company in Indonesia, not only has big name in Indonesia but also well-known in Asia. As a big airlines company Garuda has their own competitor. To compete with their competitor and to conquer the national airlines business  PT.Garuda Indonesia created a company under the management of PT.Garuda .The company name is Citilink. Citilink only serves domestic flight. So what is the different? Citilink has quality as good as Garuda Airlines but with cheaper price. The passengers can enjoy the flight like they have in Garuda Airlines and they can save their money for another vacation. In the future Citilink will serve regional flight and would be good choice for Asian to fly with Citilink.


As I know the thing that would be a weakness for PT.Garuda Indonesia is the expensive price ticket that they offered. With high quality of fly the high price is worthy but not many people in Indonesia have much money to spent for expensive ticket. Another weakness is the lack of human resources. I have got news from internet that Garuda Airlines need more pilot. Those weaknesses would be the opportunity for the competitor for undertaking Garuda.


Career as pilot in Indonesia still a prestigious job. Many Indonesia youngster want to have career as a pilot. So, PT.Garuda can find good quality pilot with cheaper fee in their own area. Another opportunity is PT.Garuda may have strong character with many cultures that Indonesia has. They can explore Indonesia’s cultures in their attributes.


The lack of quality of Indonesia Airlines can become a threat for Garuda. Garuda will not big as they thought if they can’t help Indonesia Airlines. If I not mistaken there was a time when all flight company from Indonesia not allowed to fly to Europe. So the bad quality from competitor in Indonesia can’t be a threat for Garuda to spread their wings in world wide.

In brief, PT. Garuda Indonesia manage good strategy to face their SWOT. If this condition can last longer PT.Garuda Indonesia will be the biggest airlines company in Asia or maybe in world wide.

Review I,Robot (2004)

Today, I will review the movie that I watched in my Human Computer Interaction class. That was the first time the whole class watch the movie together. The movie was “ I, Robot ”.

The story about the Detective Spoon (Will Smith) who has bad impression with robot. Everybody in that day give their trust to robot but Detective Spoon is in the other side. He never trust to a single robot. One day he met Sonny. Sonny is a robot but it different from the others. It has what human called emotion. It is impossible for robot has an emotion but Sunny, it makes everything possible. The problem come up when Sunny become the first suspect of the death of Doctor Lanning. Is Sunny the murder of Doctor Lanning or there is something hidden in the back of the technology?

If you want to know about the answer just watch the movie. Now I will review the technology that shown in the movie. In the movie the world is full with human that live together with robot. Robot as a helper for all human tasks.  Cooking, washing, delivering something, and many more. In every house there must be at least one robot as a helper. Robot very helpful for human and human seems like can’t live without technology especially robot. That is the problem. Human is social creature, human must live together with other human but sometimes technology make a gap between human. The worst is human live depends on technology. This is really bad. If this situation become reality technology would be undertaking human live easily.

All in all, human create technology to make their task easier and human must realize technology is just a tool not a thing that human must put their live on.


The Company

In this post I will try to give my opinion about the company that I like the most, maybe someday i’m gonna  work in there, and the company that I dislike the most.

Firstly, I start with the company that I dislike the most. The BLU Transjakarta. Actually I am one of the passengers of Transjakarta but the longer I become the passenger  of the bus I find something that I think that not good enough for the big company like PT.BLU Transjakarta. Don’t conclude so fast, in here I’m not trying to seduce the company but I just give my opinion about the company. Maybe my opinion may become motivation to the company to improve the company. So the company become a better company in the future.

First thing that I dislike from the Transjakarta is the improvement of the company is slowly. Transjakarta first use by public in 2004 – 2005 ( I can’t give the exactly date because many sources say different date) so it can calculate that more/less Transjakarta is used by public for 8 years. In 8 years there isn’t any big improvement that Transjakarta serves to public. As a passengers I  only see 2 things that changed in Transjakarta. The bus and the ticket. People in Jakarta wished that Transjakarta could be a problem solving for traffic jam in Jakarta but the lack of system can’t lead public to think more discipline and wiser and of course Transjakarta can’t be a problem solving for the traffic jam yet.

Second, the maintenance of the bus facility. This point people can see it clearly if they try to take the bus than use their own vehicle. Many bus have poor facility. The broken doors. In some buses the doors is really hard to close or open automatically so the guard or passengers have to try to close or open them by their own hand. There are many facilities that don’t have good standard quality but maybe the bad quality of the bus’ doors is very crucial.

Next I will choose the company that I like the most. I choose PT.Garuda Indonesia. This company first fly in Indonesia in 1949 with name Garuda Indonesia Airways.

 In the company journey there are many awards that the company collected. “Indonesia Most Admired Companies” (2011), “First Rank Top 100 Annual Report Worldwide” (2011), “Most Improves Investor Relations 2012” (2012),” The Best International Airline January, February, July 2012” (2012), “Contact Center Service Excellence Award” (2013) and many more. The awards that the company collected shown that the company can survive in the business and  can improve the company  well. That the first reason why I really like this company.

Now move to the second reason. My second reason is this company give a good frame for Indonesia’s company in world wide’s business. If many companies can do that, no wonder Indonesia would be a big country with good economy standard in the future.

In brief, improvement of the company is the key to make a successful business. Many companies in Indonesia have potential to be special in business but some companies don’t see that opportunity. They just aim to get big income but forget to give special offer to their consumer. Just like the lack of facility and bad improvement. But once more I really don’t mean to seduce any company, I just give my own opinion that I’ve got from my experiences. I hope we can see it clearly, as clear as crystal ,  so we can help many companies in Indonesia to enlarge their business with some good advices and some positive critics without any doubt.