SWOT in PT.Garuda Indonesia Airlines

After I choose the company that I like in the last post , now I will explain the company more detail but still in my glasses. Today I will discuss SWOT( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) on PT.Garuda Indonesia.


PT.Garuda Indonesia is one of the biggest airlines company in Indonesia, not only has big name in Indonesia but also well-known in Asia. As a big airlines company Garuda has their own competitor. To compete with their competitor and to conquer the national airlines business  PT.Garuda Indonesia created a company under the management of PT.Garuda .The company name is Citilink. Citilink only serves domestic flight. So what is the different? Citilink has quality as good as Garuda Airlines but with cheaper price. The passengers can enjoy the flight like they have in Garuda Airlines and they can save their money for another vacation. In the future Citilink will serve regional flight and would be good choice for Asian to fly with Citilink.


As I know the thing that would be a weakness for PT.Garuda Indonesia is the expensive price ticket that they offered. With high quality of fly the high price is worthy but not many people in Indonesia have much money to spent for expensive ticket. Another weakness is the lack of human resources. I have got news from internet that Garuda Airlines need more pilot. Those weaknesses would be the opportunity for the competitor for undertaking Garuda.


Career as pilot in Indonesia still a prestigious job. Many Indonesia youngster want to have career as a pilot. So, PT.Garuda can find good quality pilot with cheaper fee in their own area. Another opportunity is PT.Garuda may have strong character with many cultures that Indonesia has. They can explore Indonesia’s cultures in their attributes.


The lack of quality of Indonesia Airlines can become a threat for Garuda. Garuda will not big as they thought if they can’t help Indonesia Airlines. If I not mistaken there was a time when all flight company from Indonesia not allowed to fly to Europe. So the bad quality from competitor in Indonesia can’t be a threat for Garuda to spread their wings in world wide.

In brief, PT. Garuda Indonesia manage good strategy to face their SWOT. If this condition can last longer PT.Garuda Indonesia will be the biggest airlines company in Asia or maybe in world wide.