Review I,Robot (2004)

Today, I will review the movie that I watched in my Human Computer Interaction class. That was the first time the whole class watch the movie together. The movie was “ I, Robot ”.

The story about the Detective Spoon (Will Smith) who has bad impression with robot. Everybody in that day give their trust to robot but Detective Spoon is in the other side. He never trust to a single robot. One day he met Sonny. Sonny is a robot but it different from the others. It has what human called emotion. It is impossible for robot has an emotion but Sunny, it makes everything possible. The problem come up when Sunny become the first suspect of the death of Doctor Lanning. Is Sunny the murder of Doctor Lanning or there is something hidden in the back of the technology?

If you want to know about the answer just watch the movie. Now I will review the technology that shown in the movie. In the movie the world is full with human that live together with robot. Robot as a helper for all human tasks.  Cooking, washing, delivering something, and many more. In every house there must be at least one robot as a helper. Robot very helpful for human and human seems like can’t live without technology especially robot. That is the problem. Human is social creature, human must live together with other human but sometimes technology make a gap between human. The worst is human live depends on technology. This is really bad. If this situation become reality technology would be undertaking human live easily.

All in all, human create technology to make their task easier and human must realize technology is just a tool not a thing that human must put their live on.